Krewe Babalu Parade Information

Krewe Babalu Parade Information



Float Rules:

Age 21 and up only. No exceptions.

Absolutely no smoking permitted on the float, including the bathrooms.

No coolers are permitted on the float. This is a BYOB float ride. Canned beer, liquor and wine bottles are permitted only on float. You may take them off at the end of the float ride. We have coolers with ice on the float. Bring enough supply to last you through the night. Please do not help yourself to drinks that do not belong to you.

No glass containers are permitted off the float. Please bring a cup with a lid to help prevent spillage on the float. Keep your drink in your hand or in the cup holder. Riders on the lower deck do not like it if your drink drips onto their heads.

Silly string is not permitted at all on the floats. It is a fire hazard and you can be fined a large fee by the city if in your possession.

When you arrive to the float you will need to check in. Please have a release form completed in advance so this doesn’t have to be done at the parade site. Forms can be found on our website at You will be directed to your spot on the float. You will be instructed to which beads are yours. Hang your beads in your spot number. Do not open bags that are not assigned to you. Do not grab beads that belong to the person next to you.

When the float is stopped do not throw beads this helps with crowd control.

Do not alter the float in any way. You are not allowed to make holes in the float to hang extra hooks, nor use adhesive.

We supply you with enough beads for the length of the parade for a leisurely toss throughout the parade. You are allowed to bring extra beads/throws on board if you are a heavy thrower. You may remove any of your left over supply of beads off the float at the end of the parade.  You can take beads with you to the balcony if you are participating in our balcony events.

You must be ready to remove your belongings when we say exit the float.  Don’t wait until the float stops to gather your belongings.  We are not allowed to stop for a long period of time.

There is a shuttle van that will run for your convenience from 2:00pm – 5:00pm. Please make sure that you are at the designated parking area within this time. If you miss the last run, you will need to arrange a ride to the parade line up. You may drop off your belongings and or participants at parade site and then catch the shuttle van back. The van will have a Krewe Babalu sign on the sides and the driver is Tim Horner. You will be given a parking permit to place visibly on your dashboard. Tim is shuttling back and forth to the site, but will be back as soon as he can. Please be patient when you park your car. Remember Tim donates his time. No smoking in the van.

Parade parking information

Parade starts at 6:00 pm and will begin at 57th and the seawall.

Parade starts at 6:30 pm and will begin at 23rd street and the seawall. Float line up is on 22nd street and the seawall. We are usually at the end of the lineup.

  • Parking for Gambrinus and Momus Parades are at the Galveston County Courts visitors parking located at the corner of 59th Street and Avenue H. The parking lot is in front of the county building located at 600 59th Street and behind the Post Office, which is located on 5826 Broadway Street. Coming from the mainland you will take a left at 59th Street and a right on Avenue H.

You will be taken back to your vehicle in the parking lot on the float. If you plan to stay in the Strand Entertainment District for the balcony parties or Mardi Gras festivities you will need to make arrangements to get back to your vehicle.

Parade starts at 8:00 pm and begins at 25th street and Santa Fe place. We will begin loading the floats at 6:45 pm. There is no shuttle for this parade.

Fat Tuesday:
Parade starts at 6:30 pm and begins at 25th Street and Santa Fe Place. We will begin loading onto the float at 5:15 pm. There is no shuttle for this parade.

The float will be staged for Krewe Babalu All Krewe and Fat Tuesday parades on Santa Fe Place next to the Galveston Railroad Museum located at 2602 Santa Fe Place, Galveston, TX 77550.

You will need to find parking somewhere around the Strand area and walk to the lineup site. Keep in mind that if you are going to participate in the balcony party afterwards to maybe park somewhere closer to that location and walk to the parade site.

Downtown parking options:

Parking lots:

*21st and Market
*20th and Market
*20th and Post Office
*25th and Santa Fe Place
*24th and Avenue E


*25th and Harborside
*22nd and Market

Metered parking on the streets.
There are many businesses that open up for parking

Remember that we are a non-profit organization and all our events are non-refundable. Regardless of the weather or circumstances; in any event, we will continue all events. Come prepared for all weather.