Krewe Babalu Mardi Gras Royal Court

Krewe Babalu Mardi Gras Royal Court

Krewe Babalu Mardi Gras Royal CourtThe Krewe Babalu Mardi Gras Royal Court is not chosen or voted on.  Participating in krewe functions and operations earns you points that accumulate over the year, leading into the Mardi Gras Season.  At the Epiphany Party, those points are tabulated and the new King and Queen are announced.  They are coronated at the Ball and enjoy perks throughout the next year.




King Baba


Queen Lu

David Pitre 1999 Alicia Perez
Jack Hans 2000 Kathy Lawrence
John Onxley 2001 Paula Simpson
Jim Harrison 2002 Deborah Johnson
Thomas Laine 2003 Janet Nugier
Mike Hollis 2004 Lindie Nanninga
JJ Hildebrand 2005 Angela Markides
Rick Chapman 2006 Angela Chapman
Richard Jackson 2007 Cindy Klosowsky
Curtis Klosowsky 2008 Barbara Pitre
Andrew Courteau 2009 Mary Horner
Rick Croft 2010 Dlorah Collier
Gladden Walters 2011 Cathy Croft
Jerry Priess 2012 Kathy Fisk
Pete Mancuso 2013 Connie Thompson
Kevin Croft 2014 Sandra Resendez
Kurt Kieckbusch 2015 Terri Honeycutt
David Thompson 2016 Michelle Walters
David Seitz 2017 Julie Jones Johnson


For a list of events, functions and operations that help earn points, visit a monthly meeting or send us a message through the CONTACT page of this site.